Bespoke Design

For every custom order, our passion, vision and experience guarantee an optimal result.

Our in house technology and knowledge are in perfect balance with the artisanal creations.

Submitting your own design is also possible.

Every carpet from the HOC collections is designed to give you the freedom of choice in:

· Size

· Format

· Material

· Knots density

· Color

· Pile height


· Wide range of bespoke designs

· Having various hues

· Vivid visions

· Reflections on the past for the future

· Mind-binding by memories and familiarities

· Varicolored / special dying techniques

· Challenging designs

· From keeping it simple to modern art

· From pure to fused and from painted to a corroded look

· High low or same pile height performance

· Natural high quality-materials like handspun Tibetan highland wool, natural silk, nettle, linen, ...

· Keeping in mind what people want