Designer Peter Hens is the driving force behind HOC.

His creations are quite wide in style, keeping in mind that the final result needs to be flexible and applicable in different interior designs.

Going from minimalist design to familiar vibes, from special effects to innovation.  These are just some of the key elements which you will find in his creations.

The natural high quality-materials he loves to work with are: handspun Tibetan highland wool, natural silk, nettle, linen, …

His ideas how to prepare the yarns, combined with exclusive dying techniques, contribute to a unique performance with a natural appearance of the carpets.

His vision on how carpets should be, results in a new perspective, giving the world of rugs a new contemporary dimension.

Designed in Belgium, handmade in the Himalayas!


HOC, which stands for Hens Oriental Carpet, is a Belgian family company active since 1925 in the world of high quality hand-knotted Carpets.

It all goes back to 1925, when Antoon Hens started the family company, specialized in unique hand-knotted Persian carpets.

In 1958, his two sons Marcel and Albert, continued his passion for rugs.

Peter Hens took over the family company in 1996 and started his own production of modern rugs in 2001 in the Himalayas.

His vision, the 3 generations of family passion and experience, play a key role in the creation of the HOC collections.